Sunday, 30-05-2010 we went at Pinkpop Festival (Landgraaf, Limburg). After a train trip that lasted for more than 2 hours, and believe me it was worth it, we finally got there. The artists, the atmosphere, the music, the people, everyting was just perfect. The first act was very good to start the day, The Maccabees. You probably don't know them, but it's a little band from England. We really like the tracks Toothpaste Kisses(so cute), Can You Give It and Love You Better. And the leadsinger is kind of sexy. After The Maccabees we went to Jon Allen. A cute English guy with a guitar. It made me think of Bon Iver, but then happier. Then we ate some fries and drunk some Beer(12.30 in the morning) After that we went to Kate Nash, that was also very nice to watch and hear! I must say that I really like her new album, it's a lot weirder than her first album, and i like that. But we left Kate Nash ealier for Yeasayer, we wanted to stand in front so bad, because after Yeasayer came Florence + the Machine. Yeasayer was very good live, they kind of suprised me. But Florence was absolutely fantastic. She was just so good, we couldn't believe that we saw here in real life, and only to make it better, we touched here. She ran into the public and we stood in front. She even had to cry because the crowd was going crazy.
Then there was P!nk, that was the act that we didn't really enjoyed, the performance was good but we didn't like the music, so we ate a broodje frinkandel speciaal and went to The Prodigy. That was just an excellent band to finish the day. We went crazy and got in the middle of a moshpit. I don't think we've ever danced this hard, my lengs are still hurting. It totally completed our day. With the firework ofcourse. It was simply PERFECT!

shoes/vans jeans/h&m(selfmade)

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