I cann't believe it, but I just ordered this ring, the blue one, from the first picture! My mom and grandma bought it for my 16th birthday. Now I only have to wait for 7-9 days, I cann't wait. I'll post if I have the ring, ofcourse with pictures.


I'm so sorry! We couldn't post because we had exams. Now they are almost over, so we will post soon


Fuck yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, I love these mysterious pics.

pictures are not mine,i don't claim the right for them

I stole this song from a great blog, birds of a feather flock together. I take a look on this blog almost every day, you should check it out too! But more about the song. It reminds me of the girl Caitlin, the brain behinds 'birds of a feather flock together', every time a listen to it. It's just so relaxing, it gives you the perfect summerfeeling. Love the vocals and the weird sound effects. It's a really catchy song. French Horn Rebellion are gonna play at Pukkelpop Festival in august. I want to go to that festival so bad, but I doubt if my parents let me go. They just drive me crazy sometimes.
But I adore the song, maybe a soundtrack of the summer '10?!


The day before yesterday we went to a party, it wasn't as much fun as we expected, but fortunatly we looked cute. This is what we wore:
Eva: blouse, skirt/ZARA, boots/Hilfiger, watch/Fossil, ring/H&M
Suze: top/ZARA, jeansjacket/H&M, jeans/Cheap Monday, coat/H&M, sandals/Urban Outfitters, bracelet/vintage