Fuck yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, I love these mysterious pics.

pictures are not mine,i don't claim the right for them

I stole this song from a great blog, birds of a feather flock together. I take a look on this blog almost every day, you should check it out too! But more about the song. It reminds me of the girl Caitlin, the brain behinds 'birds of a feather flock together', every time a listen to it. It's just so relaxing, it gives you the perfect summerfeeling. Love the vocals and the weird sound effects. It's a really catchy song. French Horn Rebellion are gonna play at Pukkelpop Festival in august. I want to go to that festival so bad, but I doubt if my parents let me go. They just drive me crazy sometimes.
But I adore the song, maybe a soundtrack of the summer '10?!


The day before yesterday we went to a party, it wasn't as much fun as we expected, but fortunatly we looked cute. This is what we wore:
Eva: blouse, skirt/ZARA, boots/Hilfiger, watch/Fossil, ring/H&M
Suze: top/ZARA, jeansjacket/H&M, jeans/Cheap Monday, coat/H&M, sandals/Urban Outfitters, bracelet/vintage


Bon Iver is a genius, actually it's a band. But the frontman and singer-songwriter Justin Vernon does a really good job in singing and writing. This song Bloodbank, I just get an odd sense in my stomach when I listen to it. I recommend to listen to the album, For Emma, Forever Ago, it's just lovely.


A couple of days ago i saw a picture of Lady Gaga with incredible heels, today i saw a picture with a boy wearing these heels. So i had to figure out what it was...
The black sky scraping 13 cm platform 27 cm invisible heel wonders called Night Makers”. The heels were custom crafted for Lady Gaga by Noritaka Tatehana. Noritaka, Tokyo National University of the Arts graduate, is fashion designer, graphic designer and web designer. Victoria Beckham and a few people has also noticed the shoes.

I think they are very epic, I wouldn't wear them, because I think that's way to gay and outrageous, but I really like them! What do you think? In the Fall 2009 collection from Nina Ricci there also are heel-less heels, but they are not so beautiful and epic as these one!